Scrum Master Activities in Kendis (Free Checklist Provided)

At Kendis, we understand that different roles at an organization will use our tool differently, and we want to accommodate our resources to these specific roles. This is why we hosted the clinic on Scrum Master Activities in Kendis. 


We split the Scrum Master activities into three categories: Pre-Planning, PI Planning, and Post-Planning. During the clinic, we describe each activity and detail best-practices in Kendis. We also provide a free checklist that includes concise descriptions, which is available to download at the end of this article.




For in-depth descriptions of Scrum Master Activities, view the recording of the clinic below.

Along with the clinic, we have also prepared a ‘Scrum Master Activities in Kendis’ Checklist that includes concise descriptions of each activity. This will also be updated as our product develops. Download it here: Scrum Master Activities in Kendis Checklist

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