Scrum of Scrums

Srum of Scrums
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Scrum of Scrums is an important ceremony that brings together Scrum Masters and Team representatives to discuss dependencies, talk about impediments that are hindering team progress and share the important highlights.

The ceremony is often accomplished through a combination of different tools, making it inefficient and difficult to keep track of what is discussed and how to follow up.

This is where the Kendis Scrum of Scrums feature comes into play.

SoS Feature

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The Hub For Your Scrum Masters
The feature will become the hub for your Scrum Masters to keep track of highlights, key points, progress updates, and action points all in one place. The intuitive interface and options for virtual room links makes it simple to have successful Scrum of Scrums ceremonies, translating into an easier workflow, more productive teams, and overall cost efficiency.

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Read below to understand the specific aspects of our feature and visualize how your everyday use will look.

Highlights and Impediments
As mentioned above, teams enter highlights and key points before the actual meeting so everyone can understand points that are blocking or impeding other teams. They will also share and acknowledge their achievements, which is a step that is often forgotten. This makes the agenda for the meeting clear and concise, saving everyone time.


Progress Updates
Our progress updates give a perfect view of the program and team progress with comprehensive data for your Scrum of Scrums. We provide highlights of how dependencies, risks, and impediments are impacting each team delivery, as well as what risks and dependencies are open from the previous sprint. This allows you to understand which features are blocked due to impediments and create a plan of action from there.

Showing the weekly completion of each team’s sprint stories allows us to predict the likelihood of completion of sprint targets. Most importantly, we are able to see how teams who are struggling can be helped at the program level. Kendis gives a snapshot of which features will be completed this week by each team, and if teams have missed their planned delivery sprint.


Action Points
Action Points
Scrum of Scrums sessions are short with a wide variety of topics to cover, especially when your action points are lost in Excel sheets, meeting notes, or wiki pages. Action points can be added with following email notifications informing the Action holder of their responsibilities. You can also access history of actions and impediments from previous sessions.

Kendis Action points tracker provides instant options to create, assign and tag the relevant team members. With the complete tracking history, open action points are copied automatically to your next SoS session.

Action Points

Virtual Room
Virtual Room
As the Kendis SoS page is your organization center, there is a designated section for the virtual room link and email reminders will be sent out to participants reminding them to attend the meeting. Regardless of what collaboration tool that you use, you can insert the meeting URL and users will be prompted to join the call at the time of the meeting. You no longer need to manage one event via multiple tools and places.

Virtual Room

Teams and Reminders
Teams and Reminders
Corporate life is full of meetings, and it can be hard for Scrum Masters and RTEs to remember to update impediments, action points, and highlights before the SoS session. In this section, Kendis takes care of reminding your team members. You can select if you would like to remind your Scrum Masters or team representatives to update the highlights, impediments, and action points before the start of the call.

This comes in handy as RTEs don’t need to chase the team members to get ready for their updates. The settings are configurable in terms of what time, auto reminders, and intelligent reminders if something is missing 30 mins before the call. This allows you to be prepared and have efficient meetings with ease.

Teams and Reminders

Step-By-Step Guide
Watch as our team walks you through our feature and highlights the unique ways it can be used as the centre point for your Scrum of Scrums.


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