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How kendis helps Nordea manage 150+ release trains.

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“Kendis is so intuitive that we started using it for PI Planning and Tracking immediately after a 20 minute training session, and it has allowed us to work effortlessly with multiple remote teams.”

John Groom

Senior Scrum Master, Director at Thales


“With Kendis we really managed to bring our PI Planning event to the next level. Some of the key features we’ve been using are the Dependency Map, the Objectives Board, and the Analytics Board which supports us to be more accurate by making data driven decisions.”


Juliano Tripodi

Agile Delivery Lead at Electrolux

“Excellent tool for Planning with multiple teams – ideal for agile teams using scaling.”

Miguel V.

Product Owner at Capterra

“It’s exciting to see the software here and the improvements to SAFe as well as how all the vendors are supporting those changes.”

Jonathan Lowry

Release Train Engineer at New Balance

“It’s a lot of like-minded people and everyone’s really happy. It’s like a small community.”

Eve Barber

Vice President of Capture at Paradigm Management