Cloud Services & On-Premise Solutions

With Kendis, choose from utilizing our managed cloud services or
deploy on site to meet your organizational requirements.

Maximize Scalability With Our Deployment Options

Our services are quick and minimal that guarantee scalability.
Maximize Scalability With Our Deployment Options

Kendis Cloud

Kendis Cloud offers a quick and a hassle free setup, with rapid updates and a brilliant uptime.
Kendis On-Premise

Kendis On-Premise

Our On-premise solution is more tailor made to fit your organizational requirements. Experience more control, scalability and ease with unlimited customizability.

Get a Detailed Insight into our Deployment Options

Deployment and administrationWe take care of hosting, securing and maintaining your work on Kendis in the cloud for you. That means you will not be needing a system administratorYou will be hosting Kendis on your chosen hardware or from cloud services from companies like AWS.
With the Server you have more control over customization and administration.
But you’ll need to manage and support the activities that your server is responsible for such as users, tasks and the infrastructure.
UpgradesNo need for manual updates as your Kendis Cloud will be updated regular ensuring that you always have the latest version.The server administrator of your organization has to manually upgrade your Kendis Server. They are responsible for maintaining and installing any updates regarding security and software. For making any updates, the server administrator would also need an active license or a software maintenance plan.
SSO and LDAP integrationSingle sign-on with OKTA helps sync your Active directory.You can use LDAP for integrating On Premises.
SecuritySecurity is of highest priority for us. When hosting on the cloud, the aspects of security, reliability and privacy are all covered. We ensure that your data is safeguarded at all times.You are responsible for the security.
HostingKendis cloud hosting meets the very high standards of performance and reliability to match with our customers’ high demands. Kendis hosts cloud data on AWS.You are responsible for hosting on your own servers.
PrivacyMaintaining the privacy of our customers is the top priority for us.You are responsible for maintaining privacy.
ReliabilityOur products are designed for high performance and availability and built on best-in-class core technologies like AWS, so your organization can scale confidently and securely.You’re responsible for maintaining reliability.
ComplianceISO 27001 certified.You’re responsible for maintaining compliance.
PricingKendis cloud offers monthly or annual subscriptions. Pricing is done per-user.On-Premises for Kendis offers monthly or annual subscriptions. Pricing is done per-user.
Site Name URLsKendis provides its cloud subscribers with a secure, authenticated site name. You can choose this when you sign up for the first time on Kendis.You can host with any domain you control.
BackupsBackups are generated daily and retained for 30 days to allow for point-in-time data restoration.
You can also generate an offline backup of your Jira or Confluence Cloud site once every 48 hours. Atlassian maintains these backups on your behalf for 7 days.
You and your organization are responsible for maintaining backups.