Third Party integrations with kendis

Now you don’t need to transfer anything, anywhere! That’s right. Kendis eliminates the need to move data manually. In addition to an ace visual collaboration, it provides real-time bi-directional sync with all the top enterprise ALM tools.

Atlassian JIRA

Program and Solution level visibility on top of Jira Cloud and Jira self-hosted.
Use cases at large manufacturing industries and financial institutions with multiple simultaneous release trains have confirmed that Kendis integration to Jira is powerfully optimized and works two-ways seamlessly in real-time, reducing the load on Jira.

Microsoft AzureDevOps

An easy native integration with Microsoft Azure Boards and Team Foundation Server.
Kendis enables you to plan and track your work in Program and Solution level with bi-directional connectivity and real-time visibility in your pipeline. Any changes made in Kendis are visible in AzureDevOps and vice versa, instantly.

Other Integrations

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Unbelievably Powerful and Uniquely Simple

Kendis integrations transform the quality of your scaling agile experience. The native ALM integrations allow Kendis to be the ideal partner for your scaling infrastructure. In short, you choose Kendis when your end goal is not just a plain visual aid but scaling simplified!

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