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Scaling Agile Solution




Streamline your strategic themes through visuals and precision filtering

Let your biggest goals shine through action

Connect teams to the essence of their work


OKRs - Align your organization

With Strategic Objectives and Traceable Key Results

Introduce strategic intention with —

  • Top-Down OKRs Planning
  • Roll-Up Objectives
  • Automated Tracking

OKRs - Align your organization


Roadmaps & Timeline

Go-to place for Delivery and Product Management.

Bigger Picture View

  • Centralizing relevant data in one place to engage the entire release train and ensure a comprehensive understanding of the bigger picture
  • Multi-use timeline to visualize Products, Features, OKRs plans
  • Intelligent Group-by filters
  • Visualize quarterly and yearly plans

Roadmaps & Timeline


Power batches with custom views

Breakdown your Portfolio, Projects or Programs into smaller workable batches.

Visualize Business Value Streams

  • View these batches on Timeline and Kanban Boards or Trains to organize and manage your Portfolio
  • Align batches to the OKRs and delivery items to track their progress in real time and receive iterative reports.


Kanban boards

kanban Boards

For any flow, for any purpose! Visualize workflow better.

Flexible Visual Boards

  • Customize columns on the Kanban board to reflect your workflow
  • Track your desired portfolio items from inception to delivering business value
  • Set WIP (Work in Progress) limits to define the maximum items per column

kanban Boards

Kanban Boards

Organizational Hierarchy

Business + Product + Delivery.

Visualize your Organization

  • Plan, track and manage business value streams

Organizational Hierarchy

PI Planning

Engage Remote Teams to Plan Together

Bring everyone together virtually, and enable your teams to thrive in this digital world as they plan features and stories aligned with your organizational priorities

Engage Remote Teams to Plan Together


Perfect Visualization for Cross-Team Dependencies

With Kendis’s smart notification feature, say goodbye to the hassle of searching for team dependencies. Kendis will notify your team members about dependencies and risk factors, keeping everyone in the loop effortlessly

PI Planning

Engage Remote Teams to Plan Together

Bring everyone together virtually, and enable your teams to thrive in this digital world as they plan features and stories aligned with your organizational priorities



Instant Integration with Atlassian Jira and Microsoft Azure DevOps

Kendis helps you visualize your goals and progress by seamlessly integrating into your organization’s workflow. Teams can leverage their existing agile management tools while RTEs, Business Owners, Product Owners, and Agile Coaches efficiently plan and track work progress in Kendis

5 Minutes Setup

5 Minutes Setup With Zero Additional Configuration
Two-Way Real-Time

Two-Way Real-Time Synchronization Through REST API and Webhooks
Full User and Access

Full User and Access Control Management
Available as Jira Plugin

Available as Jira Plugin

Scrum of scrums

The Solution You Didn’t Know You Needed!

Our Scrum of Scrums feature will become the hub for your scrum masters - rest assured, this is not just another regular notepad!
Kendis intelligently organizes previous and upcoming sessions, keeping you in touch with the history while guiding you towards future steps

Keep track of...
  • Highlights
  • Progress Updates
  • Key Points
  • Action Points
...all in one place!

Timeline View


Timeline monitoring in One Place

Kendis is dedicated to empower you with the tools and insight for flawless and efficient project management, optimizing overall team performance, and helping you achieve your project goals with confidence
  • Customized tracking solutions to suit your unique needs
  • Track Feature projection based on milestone data
  • Simultaneously track progress across multiple teams
  • Eliminate unexpected ‘surprises’ in the delivery phase

The Platform

Track Multiple Release Trains Together with Solution Board

Synchronize pre- and post-planning activities, manage cross-release train dependencies, and track objectives at the solution level

#1 Support in software

Friendly and expert support team

Experience unparalleled services with Kendis’s client support team who will instantly understand your concerns and provide answers to your questions. Our client support team will guide you every step of the way. You're never alone!
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Kendis is so intuitive that we started using it for PI Planning and Tracking immediately after a 20 minute training session, and it has allowed us to work effortlessly with multiple remote teams. John Groom, Senior Scrum Master, Director at Thales Thales
With Kendis we really managed to bring our PI Planning event to the next level. Some of the key features we’ve been using are the Dependency Map which gives us the real time visibility, the Objectives Board that consolidates the achievement rate fetching data automatically from Jira, and the Analytics Board which supports us to be more accurate by making data driven decisions. Juliano Tripodi, Agile Delivery Lead at Electrolux Electrolux
Kendis has the best client support team that understand instantly your problems and help you all the way. You are never alone! Helen Ellsworth, Release Train Engineer (RTE) at ParkNow Virgin


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