Agile Scaling Platform

Specialised boards for the SAFe®, Spotify Model, Scrum of Scrums, LeSS or your custom scaling model.

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The flexibility will support the scaling model of your choice

We work great with

Kendis seamlessly integrates into your organization workflow. Teams continue to use their agile management tools while Business Owners, Product Owners, Agile Coaches, Program Level and above are able to plan and track in Kendis

* Support for other ALM tools is coming up soon, contact us for more details
  • Seamless Integration via API
  • 2-way real-time sync between Kendis and JIRA
  • Full control management
  • Available as JIRA plug-in soon

Real-time Boards for

Interactive Remote Planning

  • Perfect for the distributed teams
  • 100% real-time board for planning and tracking
  • Program view with all the teams and features
  • Dedicated team rooms for efficient planning
  • Easier tracking of dependencies with the team by team view

Track Dependencies

  • Visualize the dependencies across teams and features
  • More than just a red line, engage better with detailed description
  • Instant identification of features at risk
  • Easier tracking of dependencies with the team by team view

Manage Release Trains

  • Perfect digital visualization of Program Board
  • Seamless program increment planning and tracking
  • Easier tracking of milestones and releases
  • Real-time board for feature tracking across teams, no need of any excel

Scrum of Scrums

  • Central place to run scrum of scrums
  • Identify, track and manage impediments
  • Program view with all the teams and features
  • Track progress of the features and team objectives
  • Instant visibility of open and resolved dependencies

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