Agile Scaling Simplified


Kendis is a swift and simple agile scaling solution for managing multiple projects and teams.

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Kendis allows the seamless integration of Agile Teams working in Jira. This empowers these teams to plan and track their Program Increments and Solution Trains in Kendis with real time sync.


Simple. Comprehensive. Transparent.

Kendis empowers you with the right tools to plan, track and manage your scaled agile portfolio, programs and teams. By instilling collaboration, innovation, and feedback at the roots of its operation, Kendis makes project management an effortless task.

Clear and Collaborative.

Visibility in to planning, managing and alignment of the agile teams towards a common vision.

Effective Planning and Management

Plan your Program Increment to manage Agile Release Trains. Kendis also allows you to seamlessly govern Solution Trains and Architecture Runways.

One of the Highlights of Kendis is knowing your Dependencies

Understanding the nature of a dependency is extremely vital. At Kendis, with a simple click, you can set the dependency amongst multiple features and also assign a status which will evidently describe the nature of the relationship. These dependencies are clearly visible on our board which guide in tracking and managing the features effortlessly.

Remote Planning

Kendis offers an interactive board with Live Updates and Notifications that not only unites the team members but keeps them in the loop of what is happening regardless of their location.

AI-Based Predictive Analytics

Kendis provides you with the analytics that intelligently predict the quality of planning, feature completion rate and delay impacts.


Third Party Integration without Compromising on Quality

Integration with existing ALM platforms like JIRA, TFS and Yodiz, makes Kendis a complete solution for your enterprise’s agile scaling needs.

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