Agile Scaling Platform

Specialised boards for the SAFe®, Spotify Model, Scrum of Scrums, LeSS or your custom scaling model.

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Distributed Global Teams Connected!

Kendis seamlessly integrates into your organization workflow. Teams continue to use JIRA while Program level and above, are able to plan and track at Kendis. It scales up to assist in Large Releases, Solutions and Portfolio level.

Reduce Risks with Better Dependencies Management

Kendis allows teams to show the dependency on the digital program board, describe what is required and enable easier tracking and engagement for the resolution.

Simple. Comprehensive. Transparent.


Digital Board like the Physical

Kendis empowers you with the right tools to plan, track and manage your scaled agile portfolio, programs and teams. By instilling collaboration, innovation, and feedback at the roots of its operation, Kendis makes project management an effortless task.

Prioritized Features

Custom ranking and prioritization for your board backlog, teams swimlanes and the team stories

Instant Visibility

Visibility in to planning, managing and alignment of the agile teams towards a common vision.

Effective Planning and Management

Plan your Program Increment to manage Agile Release Trains. Kendis also allows you to seamlessly govern Solution Trains and Architecture Runways.

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