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Kendis is a leading solution for remote PI, tribe and big room planning. It is a new way to plan and manage your dependencies, risks, and objectives. Get actionable insights into your program increment’s progress and scope changes.

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Digital Solution for all your Scaling Agile needs

No more fallen post-it notes, brown paper, messy tape or red strings on your physical board! Kendis rids you of these troubles and digitizes your entire PI Planning and Tracking. By Integrating Jira and Azureboards in real-time with Kendis, all of the changes that you make along the course of your PI will be accurately synced across your Agile Tool.
Plan PI with Distributed Teams

Plan PI with Distributed Teams

It’s great to have everyone in the same room for planning, but it can be expensive and not everyone can travel. Kendis offers a simple lightweight alternative, which enables teams to plan together from multiple locations in real-time.
Track Risks

Track Risks

With Kendis, teams can raise risks during and after the PI planning sessions, engage stakeholders to ROAM risks and set intelligent follow ups and notifications.
Capture Dependencies

Capture Dependencies

Teams can create dependencies for features and stories, set their resolution date, assign them to the relevant individual and track their progress.
View Reports and Analytics

View Reports and Analytics

Important for conducting a better Inspect & Adapt session. Our Reports and Analytics uses AI to predict precisely any changes that could be made to the scope of your PI on a daily basis.
Set PI Objectives

Set PI Objectives

Create objectives for each team or Program and link those with any item present on your board. This allows you to choose accurately what features and stories are contributing to the objective.

We work great with Jira and Microsoft Azure Boards

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Kendis seamlessly integrates into your organization workflow. Teams continue to use their agile management tools while RTEs, Business Owners, Product Owners and Agile Coaches are able to plan and track in Kendis

Instant setup
Instant setup with Zero additional configuration
2-way real
2-way real time sync using REST API & Webhooks
Available as Jira Plugin
Full user and access control management
Full user and access control management

Dashboards & Reports

Kendis offers multiple dashboards, reports and in-depth analytics. Tracking progress becomes extremely easy with the customizable weekly progress reports that provide specific updates on what has been completed, which dependencies are at risk, and what features are going to miss their targets.

Planning with Teams

Kendis provides a single view for all the teams involved in PI Planning. It enables the teams to plan and coordinate from multiple locations, platforms and time zones in real-time. Product managers can prioritize the features, teams can create stories, plan them in the sprints and can have a 2- way integration with your chosen ALM tool.

Scrum of Scrum

Kendis is the central place to have a Scrum of Scrums. It makes an extremely simple task to identify, track and manage impediments associated with the teams and the features of your Program. It also gives you the visibility to manage and track all of your open and resolved dependencies.

Dependencies Management

Users can view the dependencies on the program board and sync them with their Agile tool. Whether you have dependencies across teams, stories, features or epics, Kendis brilliantly visualizes them making it easier to track them and notifies you to never miss an important dependency.

Objectives (OKRs)

Objectives help to give a clear understanding of what needs to be done. You can create objectives for teams and for your PI and set a “Business Value” and an “Actual Value”. To get incremental progress of objectives, Kendis offers the ability to link features to the objectives. This unique option makes it easier for business and stakeholders to follow the progress effortlessly.

Risks & ROAMing

Identify and prioritize risks and collaborate for faster resolution. With the ability to link features to risks, track explicitly what features are impacted and get prompt notifications so you can respond in-time. You can use ROAM for a more transparent and faster resolution of risks.

Scope Change Tracker

Kendis cleverly utilizes AI to create a Scope Change Report that can smartly track any changes made to your PI, release or sprint. This report displays all the changes made to the estimates, the stories moved amongst sprints and dependencies created.


How can Kendis help you?

Kendis helps organizations move away from the manual workaround creating program boards using Confluence, Wiki pages or Excel.
JIRA and Confluence

JIRA and Confluence

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