Timeline monitoring in one place.

Centralize your long-term planning and tracking with the Timeline View.

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The new go-to for Roadmap
The Roadmaps and Timeline module will be the central place for long term planning and tracking.

Engage the whole organization to understand what went well and what areas can be improved.

Centralize reviews of business value for team and PI level objectives.

Release Trains
Track features across multiple Program Increments and Release Trains.

Portfolio Epic
Support multiple levels of hierarchy: Strategic Theme – Portfolio Epic – Feature – Story.


The logic behind timeline View
Gantt Chart and Product Roadmap are effective ways for tracking multiple PIs. Both of them have their limitations and are used for different reasons, as listed below.

Gantt Chart Gantt Chart
  • Focuses more on the daily tasks that need to be done by the teams
  • Used mostly by development teams
  • The ability to track dependencies
  • More linear and not adaptable
  • Gives a dynamic view of what task needs to be achieved
  • Cannot be used to show the budget for completing a Product or Project.
Timeline View Timeline View
  • Focuses on high-level goals that need to be done by the organization and their final outcome
  • Used mostly by product owners, managers, and stakeholders
  • Cannot track dependencies
  • More agile and adaptable
  • Gives a static view of the Products that need to be achieved
  • Can be used to show the budget allocated on achieving the desired result.

Product Roadmap View
It is quite clear that both Gantt Charts and Product Roadmap are useful in providing value for tracking. The main power of the Kendis Timeline Feature is in its ability to have a Product Roadmap view along with the Gantt Chart.
Product Roadmap

Measure up with Milestones
Measure up with milestones
The Product Roadmap view can be made of milestones. A milestone marks the achievement of a significant aspect of a product’s development. 

Create milestones
These milestones can be created in Kendis where each milestone consists of features that are in your Kendis Backlog. The milestone can be treated as a complete project or a part of incremental delivery. 

Create Milestones

Sort by milestones
These various milestones can be selected and then grouped into providing a Product Roadmap view. Not only you can have a Product Roadmap view by using milestones rather you can select and group objectives and epics to get a Product Roadmap view.

Sort by milestones

The Guide
Timeline View Webinar
For a deeper understanding of the Kendis Timeline View, watch our webinar recording on the topic: