PI Planning needs more than just a whiteboard.

The key to planning success is to centralize your work in one place – and that place is Kendis.



Take a moment to ask yourself


Does your planned work translate easily into tracking


How long before you lose sight of your planned targets?

Planned Targets

Are you jumping from one tool to another?

planning agenda

Build your planning Agenda fast

Not everyone wants to be an event planner, so Kendis creates a foundation on which to build your Planning event in just a few clicks.

Automatic Management

Automatic management of multiple locations and times.

An Agenda

An agenda template to build and customize.

Meeting Rooms

A Centralized space for links to presentations and meeting rooms.

Planning SoS

Check the pulse of your Planning and immediately direct attention to the teams that are blocked.

Customizable questions

Convenient access to the date when required.

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Team Capacity

Ditch the excel sheets once again and Create transparency and visibility for everyone with our intelligent team capacity calculator.

Reduce the risk of over or under planning

View a holistic summary of your teams and ART capacity

Balance your bandwidth and workload.

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Confidence Voting

Our complete solution grants you full control over theprocess while engaging teams with a fun and easy to use interface.

Anyone with the link can vote

options for anonymous or public voting

Votes can be made exclusive for certain teams.

unique features

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Features F

Dependencies Management

Dependencies are the #1 cause of delays in
delivery, and it’s not easy to find out what and how things are interdependent.

Visualization of interdependencies between teams in one view

Identification of bottlenecks

Smart notifications of impending and overdue dependencies.

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ROAM Risks

Create harmony between risk identification and tracking with —

Automated risk level calculations

A diverse risk matrix that provides immediate overview

Our simple yet complete system of capturing risks.

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Features Priority — WSJF

Prioritization is multidimensional, and many factors are often overlooked when deciding value.

Calculate your WSJF score based on cost of delay and job size

Group related features and compare their values visually, so that you can make the right decisions.

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Objectives & OKRs

Kendis gives you a flexible way to define objectives and present achievements according to live data from linked features.

Simplify objectives for your program and teams

Choose your style: OKR or SAFe committed and uncommitted objectives.

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Features Planning

Break down your Business Priorities into realistic team work.

Plan team stories

Set priority order on features

Receive instant indication if teams have over or under planned

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What happens after planning?

Discover our features that allow for tracking and execution through the entire PI.

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