Dependency Management Dependency Management
Supercharge Your Dependencies!
Boost your workflow with Kendis, a robust Dependency Management tool. Seamlessly transition from reactive to proactive management by effortlessly organizing, prioritizing, and tracking dependencies.

Supercharge Your Dependencies

We solve all that by Providing —
Visualize interdependencies
Visualize interdependencies across teams in a single comprehensive view.

Strategic identification
Strategic identification of bottlenecks for streamlined workflow.

Receive intelligent notifications
Receive intelligent notifications for upcoming and overdue dependencies.

Streamline Dependency
Streamline Dependency Creation for Enhanced Planning
Effortlessly mitigate disruptions and enhance collaboration in your organization with Kendis. Create dependencies through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, visually represent them on your Kendis board, and benefit from a robust two-way integration with Jira and Azure DevOps for a seamlessly optimized workflow in project management.
Streamline Dependency Creation

Manage Your Dependencies
Focus on managing your dependencies while we handle the details. Our platform enables you to visualize interdependence, identify bottlenecks, and receive notifications tailored to the information you provide. Streamline your dependency management with ease. 

Set Resolution Dates
Assigning dates to dependencies keeps management focused, facilitates prioritization, and manages expectations effectively.

Set an Individual as Responsible
Clarity is crucial. Designating a single person as responsible for a dependency simplifies communication by offering a clear point of contact, rather than involving an entire team.

Add “Watchers” to the Dependency
Keep stakeholders informed by adding them as ‘Watchers’ to dependencies. Regardless of their positions or roles, keep them in the loop with automatic notifications.

Keep the Spotlight On Dependencies in Program Ceremonies
Facilitate discussions in your Scrum of Scrums to address and strategize around these dependencies, fostering a proactive approach to managing interdependencies across your projects.

Track Your Dependencies
Track Your Dependencies
Avoid delivery timeline setbacks due to overlooked dependencies. After the planning phase, teams face the challenge of tracking dependencies and involving the right team members during sprints. Stay proactive and prevent dependencies from slipping through the cracks with streamlined tracking mechanisms. 

Stay Informed with Notifications Stay Informed with Notifications
Keep your team informed and engaged by leveraging automatic updates tailored to those actively involved in the dependency management process.

Enhance Visual Clarity Enhance Visual Clarity with Color-Coded Lines
Effortlessly grasp project progress at a glance with color-coded lines representing different statuses, offering an intuitive visual depiction of the current state of dependencies.

Progress Tracking Progress Tracking with Advanced Filter & Sort
Effortlessly track progress using our advanced filtering and sorting features, based on criteria like deadlines, teams, sprints, and statuses.

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After planning

What happens after planning?

Discover our features that allow for tracking and execution through the entire PI.

Explore Tracking Capabilities Explore Tracking Capabilities