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Align Teams with Powerful OKR Tools.

Maximize your business potential with Kendis OKR Tool. Streamline your strategy through Strategic Themes, Departmental distribution, Top-down OKRs Planning, Program and Team Objectives, and Automated Tracking.

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OKR Tools

Empower Teams
Empower Teams to Drive Value
Achieve seamless alignment and propel your organization towards strategic excellence. Align teams toward common goals and connect their work to inherent value.
Achieve seamless

Optimize Organizational Performance

Cascade OKRs Across All Tiers
Effortlessly plan, implement, and track OKRs across all organizational tiers with our intuitive interface. Align programs, solutions, teams, and departments strategically with overarching objectives, fostering a culture of shared purpose and goal-driven excellence.

Organizational Objectives
Begin at the top level with the leadership defining high-level objectives for the organization. These objectives can be effectively cascaded down to the teams, programs, solutions, or departments.

PI Objectives
Articulate your Program Increment Objectives effortlessly with Kendis. Link Features, Epics, or Stories to corresponding PI Objectives for real-time progress tracking. Gain a dynamic overview of your PI objectives progress through linked items.

Identify Key Results
For each objective, identify Key Results that quantify the desired outcomes. These Key Results can be measured using diverse criteria, including linked items, cascading objectives, or the option to set custom targets.

Define Team-Level KRs
For each team-level objective, set Key Results that align with the organizational Key Results. This ensures that the teams are contributing meaningfully to the overall success of the organization.

Tracking & Management
Kendis enables precise monitoring of Key Results (KRs) and Objectives, providing seamless navigation across various organizational levels for valuable insights into progress and performance.

Fuel Success with Kendis OKR Tool
Precision in planning, excellence in execution. Achieving objectives has never been more streamlined!

Achieve Operational Synergy
Achieve Operational Synergy
Enhance communication, and drive strategic success with Kendis. Elevate your organizational performance by cultivating a culture of continuous improvement.

Alignment & Collaboration
Alignment & Collaboration
Kendis empowers teams to seamlessly coordinate and work towards common objectives, fostering a culture of shared goals and collective success.

Tailor-Made Success
Tailor-Made Success
Embrace the power of customization with Kendis OKRs, tailoring your objectives and key results to match your organization’s distinct requirements.

Craft Your Path to Success
Craft Your Path to Success
Navigate the dynamic business environment with Kendis OKR Tool, offering unparalleled flexibility in shaping and reshaping your objectives.

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