Scrum of Scrums during PI Planning with Kendis

Kendis now has a new feature the Planning Scrum of Scrums. This new feature will allow you to coordinate and transparently align all of your Planning Scrums of Scrums (S.O.S) sessions throughout the PI Planning, all in one place.


A view of the planning scrums of scrums done during the PI Planning of the Scaled Agile Framework in Kendis

This provides the means to identify possible dependencies and impediments early on so that continuous integration can be ensured. It maintains an alignment amongst the teams and provides a stage for open discussions that can benefit not just the teams themselves but the whole Program Increment.

Defining Your Specific Questions

For every Planning Scrum of Scrums, there is a number of questions that follow. This consists of questions that need to be answered by all the scrum masters of the various teams of the Agile Release Train that are part of the planning session. You can add customized questions that relate specifically to your organization or Release Train shaping the required answers.


You have an option to add an external link to your Planning Scrum of Scrums session which can allow other scrum masters to join the Scrum of Scrums session on Kendis.


The room link for joining the Planning scrum of scrums session in Kendis


A visualized Planning Scrum of Scrums session enhances transparency as it allows the Release Train Engineer and the involved scrum masters to identify, track and take action on the progress and bottlenecks of each agile team. To learn more about the importance of the Planning Scrum of Scrums, click here.


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