The Global SAFe Summit 2021

It’s that time of the year again!


The Global SAFe Summit for 2021 is only a few days away. Taking place in the virtual space this year, in three different time zones: Americas (Sept 27 – 28) Europe, Middle East, Africa (Sept 29 – 30) and Asia Pacific (Sept 30 – Oct 1); the action-packed event is highly anticipated for a number of reasons.


If like us, you find Customer Stories a personal favourite element at the Summit, then you’re in for a treat with the 2021 episode!
Not only that they’re bringing a rare two-part series presenting two views of a transformation: one from the C-Suite and the other from the drivers of transformation at a high-performance German automobile manufacturer, but also on the menu are behind-the-scenes accounts from six other organizations giving insight and inspiration for true business agility. Building bridges leading from challenges to wins, these stories reflect mindset shifts and real-life practice of responding to evolving needs of the market. Truth be told, we’re always interested in these stories because the valuable insights motivate us to keep further improving our game in contributing to the code-cracking for our customers.


Another massive plus point for the Global SAFe Summit is the unveiling of the Business Agility Value Stream. It is a new approach unique to SAFe that helps businesses accelerate their transformation journey and leverage the new technology opportunities of the next digital age. This, to be honest, is the most logical progression from where the 2020 Global SAFe Summit concluded at the keynote panel discussion: “Your Future is Now.”


One continuing challenge from the last year has been in navigating the uncertainty of the new ‘business as usual,’ while reimagining and redesigning the networking opportunities at the Summit. More than 2,000 SAFe professionals from every industry and every corner of the globe gather not just to advance their knowledge of SAFe transformation, but also to learn from the very real no-hype lived experiences of fellow practitioners:


  • how to approach change as an opportunity;
  • how to use it for internal reflection of systems, practices, and ways of working;
  • how to adapt to changing work dynamics in an evolving world, maintaining transparency and collaboration; and
  • how to expand agility from technology teams to business teams.

SAFe Peer Connect Series is how SAFe has visualized this engagement to be.
SAFe Peer Connects are virtual networking events designed to connect practitioners of SAFe around topics of interest, roles, and industries. So while we’re bummed for another year of networking through the screens, we’re excited about the opportunities this may bring along.


So hey, if you’re attending the event, feel free to holler at us using the tag #AskKendis, on Twitter or Facebook, or LinkedIn. Our Sales and Customer Experience teams are attending the Summit and would love to say hi! 🙂


Looking forward to meeting you all there.


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