Expand and diversify your reach by becoming a Kendis partner

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Expand and Diversify Your Reach by Becoming a Kendis Partner
Kendis partners provide software to our users around the globe to help customize and extend our products. We are looking for well-established entrepreneur-driven IT consultants as partners.

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Partner Tier Benefits
Explore the benefits you will gain access to within each partnership tier. Apply for partnership to delve deeper into what tier would be best for you, along with further details and pricing.

Individual Partners

Benefits include but are not limited to

  • Your own personalized Kendis account
  • Access our partner portal
  • View our Kendis roadmap
  • Early product demos
Silver Partners

In addition to individual benefits, you will also have

  • Company wide access to Kendis
  • Acquisition of a demo ALM account
  • Extra training & more
Gold Partners

In addition to silver benefits, you will also have

  • A partner listing on our website
  • Extended customer trial account & more
Platinum Partners

In addition to gold benefits, you will also have

  • Input on Kendis enhancements
  • Ability to place company templates within Kendis extended customer trial account
  • Exclusive support from our team & more

kendis partner portal

Access Our Partner Portal
We will give you resources, tools, and exclusive content via our partner portal. This will equip you with the means necessary to become an expert in Kendis and understand how to use this partnership to the fullest capacity.

Exclusive Partner

Access to exclusive partner events
Technical Support

Technical Support
Informative Articles

Informative Articles and Blog
Free Resources

Free Resources

Ideal Candidates
Ideal Candidates
From Individual Partners that have demonstrated determination and dedication in transforming an organization from within, to the larger Platform Partners, typically with a Global presence within an Organization. We want to work with you and be your high quality Software provider.

We expect at least a few years of operation and involvement in Agile Transformation with multiple Teams, along with training at a high level. Additionally, experience in successfully serving organizations in their respected area. From our Technology Expert and Consulting Partners we expect certified expertise in Scaling Agile. We are a high quality software provider, so we expect the same quality from our partners. The common goal is to serve customers better together.
We are flexible in contracts. Each cooperation agreement is negotiated individually with the partner.

partners testimonials

What Our Partners Say About Us

We are excited to partner with Kendis. Today, many of our customers are constrained by effective program level visibility and predictability of their digital initiatives, seriously impeding their ability to be enterprise agile. The Kendis offering, along with our deep consulting capabilities in the area of enterprise agility, will directly address this challenge for our customers and will help them achieve their business outcomes. Chetan Arora, Director, and Global Head, Agile CoE

Become our Partner

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After receiving your application, we will schedule a Partner Demo and provide you with all the necessities to begin our partnership.


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