Changing the way PI Planning is done

With 100% real-time program board, your teams across the world can be connected to have a perfect remote PI Planning session

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Kendis PI Planning


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Program Increment Planning with Remote Teams

Kendis is a solution which enables the teams to plan and coordinate from multiple locations, multiple platforms and from multiple time zones. The boards in Kendis are highly flexible and offer perfect visualization for your Digital Program Board. Engaging all teams and planning your features, stories and sprints is extremely straight-forward and painless.

Kendis Remote PI Planning

2-way sync with Jira and Azure Boards

Say goodbye to all the boring and manual work to keep your ALM tool and PI Boards in sync. Kendis offers real-time two-way sync with Jira and Microsoft Azure Boards that helps save the valuable time of RTEs, scrum masters and team members.

PI Plannig with Jira and Azure Boards

Capture Dependencies

Create, plan and track cross team dependencies that can also be synced to your ALM tool. You also have the option of viewing teams or sprint wise for better visibility.

Kendis Feature Dependency

PI Objectives Tracking

Create Objectives for program and teams. Set the business value and directly link them to features and stories. During PI execution get the real-time updates on the progress of each objective

Kendis PI Objectives

Lock your Board’s state

Kendis has a time machine. It really does! Once you are done with your planning, simply change the state of your board to “Tracking”. Now you have created a snapshot of your planning activities and while in execution you can easily compare what has changed during execution. With a single click, you can always go back in time to see what was originally planned.

Lock your Board’s state

Track your PI

Kendis provides useful analytics during execution that provide valuable insights into which teams are executing according to their original plan. It also shows which features have missed the delivery window and which dependencies are still unresolved.

Track your PI

Outcome of your PI is a Digital Program Board that has

Outcome of your PI
  • Featuries and stories that are synced and updated with your ALM tool
  • Correctly mapped dependencies
  • Real time Reports of all the events and activities done
  • Precisely identified risks
  • Useful real time analytics including PI Burndown Chart
  • Review of team plans

Kendis offers the complete solution for your scaling agile needs

Kendis offers

Program Boards

Collaboration, communication and transparency lie at the heart of Kendis. It brilliantly reduces all the painful efforts and makes the entire process of planning your Program Increment a very easy task.

Dependencies Management

Dependencies Management

Dependencies are essential in recognizing, identifying and correctly mapping factors that are affecting your progress. In Kendis you can create multiple dependencies across your Program board and track them.

Risks Management

Risks Management

With Kendis you can transparently address and visualize the present and upcoming risks of your Program Increment, sprint or iteration in a way that makes it painless to identify and analyze.

PI Objectives

PI Objectives

Create objectives for each team or for your Program and link those with any item present your board. This allows you to choose precisely what features and stories are contributing to the objective.

Program Reports and Analytics

Program Reports and Analytics

An extremely vital and powerful feature that gives an overview of all the recent activities that are being done. Presented in graphical or tabulated formats, you obtain all the necessary information in just a glance.

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