Release Update: New Board Views, Custom Reporting, Enhanced Analytics and more

As always, Kendis team received valuable feedback from our customers. Who provided insight into how Kendis was assisting their organisations. They also shared their daily challenges and how Kendis could further assist. We pride ourselves on working closely with customers, we listen and take their challenges seriously. We enjoy coming up with solutions that can help our customers and organisations as a whole, to transform in their implementation of Scaling agile methods. We are proud of this Release which is aimed at those “Middle Managers” who may need a different view of the Kendis Boards.

With this Kendis release, you would be able to

  • Use “Board views” that assist with the Bird’s Eye view. These views are named after mythical birds.
  • With Custom “Reports” module, you would be able to sort, filter and export the data and analytics.
  • Enhanced Analytics help to better understand how your teams are progressing and what has been planned and being tracked.

Board Views or “Birds Eye View”

Kendis is providing 3 types of view on the Boards to assist with the Bird’s Eye view of the Teams. It is the same information obtained directly from the teams but with multiple views. These views are named after Mythical Birds

  • Alicanto
  • Griffin
  • Phoenix

To get a more detailed description of these views, check help portal


The Alicanto view in Kendis will stem from the Planning of multiple teams and their Sprints. Whether it is from PI Planning (SAFe), or planning for 3 or 4 Sprint, this view will allow you to see Sprint by Sprint, which Features/Epics are being worked on by teams as well as dependencies.


The Griffin view in Kendis is one level higher than the Alicanto. It will display the end state of Features/Epics being worked on by teams. So when a particular Team will finish their part of the Features/Epics. The Board will display all of the Team stories as well as maintaining a view of the dependencies.


The Phoenix view is the highest board view of them all. This will display the very end state of the Feature/Epic. If the Feature/Epic is being completed by multiple teams, this will show you the final sprint and team. With this view, it is possible to plan your Releases of the Feature. Dependencies will remain at a higher level.


Important Note:

The position of the “board states” has changed and it is now under settings area. It is used to be where we currently have the “Mythical birds view” option.


Custom Reports

The new Reports feature in Kendis summarizes all the activities done in a session into a tabulated form. These reports can display data from multiple boards and all the dependencies that may exist. Furthermore, you can select from a variety of filters and perform sorting that can help extract the relevant information that you require. These reports can be shared easily with the members of the company within Kendis or can be exported as a CSV or an Excel file.

Detailed description and how to guide for reports, check help portal


Enhanced Analytics View

Analytics view at Kendis board is redesigned to better suit the needs for planning and tracking. Analytics section now have

  • Dependency Tracking: To view dependencies by teams and by sprints. Also, have the option to export the dependencies in CSV and Excel format
  • Summary: PI Burndown chart, teams and features progress. There is a new graph for “Progress by Card Types”
  • By Team: Provides an overview of teams velocity, planned stories, and the actual progress so far.
  • By Sprint: Provides an overview of all the planned and delivered work for each sprint by all teams
  • Objectives: Manage PI Objectives, team objectives and have the ability to set the Plan and Business value. It als, offers % achievement for each objective set.


Upcoming Releases Overview

Kendis is planning to roll out many exciting features in coming weeks, some of the items at our short term roadmap for next 1-3 months are

  • Manage and track risks
  • Blocked items with the ability of 2-way sync with JIRA
  • Extended support for custom fields and other standard fields like components, version, releases, etc.
  • Portfolio Management and Roadmaps

For any feedback and comments, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at [email protected]

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