Release Update: Better Planning and Tracking of Objectives with Linking to Features

Release Update: Better Planning and Tracking of Objectives with Linking to Features

PI objectives help to give a clear understanding of what needs to be done. Thus the information described in the PI objectives is effectively communicated to business owners and stakeholders, which also educates them on what will be the main focus for teams and the program increment. Objectives in SAFe® have “Business Value” and “Actual Value”, it serves the basic purposes for setting and tracking the objectives. However, many of our customers were using objectives in a slightly different way, they want to have a more quantitative way to measure the progress and achievement of the objectives.

Objectives in Kendis

With the new release of Kendis, you can link objectives to features that are present on your board. This allows the customers to have the ability to precisely see what features and stories are contributing to the objective, thereby viewing the real-time progress of each objective.

Link Objective to the features

Search features and stories to link



Linked feature view

One or more features can be linked to an objective. It is also possible to link a user story to the objective as well.
To view the objective and linked items, click on the objective title and expanded view shows all the linked items.

Difference between Custom and Team Objective

Team Objective can only be made against one selected team. For creating a custom objective, you can name this objective anything that you like and create your objective, e.g., to create PI level objectives, use custom objective and rename as “PI# Objectives”

Exporting Objectives

The objectives can be exported as an Excel or a CSV file. This can be done by clicking on the Export Icon on the right corner. A drop down will appear from where you can select to export the file as an Excel or a CSV file.

About Kendis

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