Release Update: Better Filters, Faster Reports and Improved Resync Experience

We are constantly upgrading Kendis experience and with this new release, users will experience faster reports and better experience at the board to filter the contents with multiple criteria.

In this release update:

  • Filters at the Board
  • Performance improvements for reports
  • Ability to filter reports with multiple additional criteria’s
  • Improved Resync board experience
  • Additional Roles admin actions
  • Support for Multiple ALM (Jira) Accounts

1) Advanced Board Filters

The ability to filter the board by status, sprint and other values is an important ability. With this release search and filter experience at board got a complete renewal.

Text Search

Start typing the item ID or title and the system will show you the relevant cards. For matching the search text system looks into

Advanced Filters

Kendis now offers extended filters e.g., to search by Feature Status or User Story status. The status dropdown will show all the statuses from your Jira projects at the board. By default they are grouped under 3 categories, To Do, In Progress and Done (as in Jira).
Get more details on how to use search & filters at Kendis Help Portal

2) Reports Updates

Performance is something that we strive to improve constantly and as a result, with this new release, reports loading time has been improved.

Besides the performance enhancements, there are multiple other improvements done at reports

  • Ability to apply filters at parent and child items separately, to provide more granular control over what to filter for both “Comparison Criteria” and “Status”
    Example: To check if a story is moved to another sprint and still open, select “Sprint changed” comparison criteria and after applying the filter, select “child: filters” and select the status to filter the items for a specific status.
  • Sprint filter available now at reports, with the ability to view, which items have changed the sprints across different board states.
  • Ability to apply filters at parent and child items separately, to provide more granular control over what to filter for both “Comparison Criteria” and at “Status”

Important Note: Go to your report and click on the “Index” button available next to columns, it will re-index the existing data to make sure it works properly after the update. (available only for comparison report)



3) Resync Experience

Currently, if you perform resync at the board, Kendis will look at the filters at Jira and will add/remove the contents at Kendis board accordingly. To provide better visibility on what will be the impact of the resync operation, Kendis has built an advanced “Impact Analysis” system, that will analyze

  • What features/stories will be added to the board
  • What features/stories will be removed from the board (as a result of the changes at the Jira filter/JQL)
  • As a result of features removal what dependencies will be removed
  • As a result of features removal what objectives linking will be removed.
  • Preview the change log in Excel format
  • Ability to cancel the resync operation to avoid any impacts on the boards.

With this enhancement, users get warning and can control whether to perform the resync or fix the filters at Jira to make sure there is no impact on Kendis boards.

More details about Rescyn Board operation at Kendis Help Portal

4) Empty Cards

Currently at Kendis board, if all the stories are moved to the next sprints, then the empty feature card in the sprint. This was sometimes leading to a confusing situation for the users. With this release

  • Upon receiving webhook update for story sprint, if the there are no more stories left in that sprint for a particular feature, then instead of leaving an empty feature card, Kendis will remove this card.
  • If there is a dependency on this feature in that particular sprint then empty feature card will be left as-is
  • In case there are empty cards still visible at the Kendis board, users can click on the board settings menu icon and select “Remove Empty Card” to get rid of all the parent cards with no stories at the board.

5) Additional Roles for admin actions

To provide better control on who can perform edit and other operations at the board, the following enhancements are included in this release

  • Role for Edit Board Settings
  • Role for Resync operation at the board
  • Resync right is by default included in the “User” role. To remove the rights of resync from existing users:
    From the left green panel, go to settings and select Roles, select “Users” roles and then uncheck “Resync ALM data”
    Once you save this updated role setting, users will not be able to edit it. If you want you can keep it for “Admin” users.

6) Support for Multiple ALM (Jira) Accounts

It was already possible to create multiple ALM accounts. However, users were not able to set their own personal Jira username/pass for the multiple ALM accounts. The system was using only the last ALM connection. However, it is now possible to set individual users’ credentials for multiple ALMs. This can be useful if you have a test board with a test Jira account, each user can set their Jira username/pass for test accounts and production accounts separately. Edit ALM Credentials under profile settings has now a drop-down to choose the ALM account.


Next Release Update

Kendis is constantly releasing new capabilities to enable customers for better planning and tracking. There are some exciting features coming up in our December 2019 release and we are super excited about them, so stay tuned!


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