Planning is easy, Tracking gets difficult.

Transition into tracking with ease, and execute your plans all within Kendis.

These tracking tools will simplify your PI Execution

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Explore our Tracking tools

Start on the right track with these tools made specific for unmatched tracking within Kendis.

progress tracking

We create an advanced progress tracking system that combines many different aspects. We detail below the features we offer and how they work for you.

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Scope Change Tracker

Our tool acts as a time machine, preserving your Planning snapshot and reflecting on those original plans, allowing us to give you accurate comparisons.

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Planned vs Delivered

We create clear comparisons and understanding of your entire PI, giving you incomparable agency over the progress of your teams.

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Sprint Reports

You receive automatically delivered reports every sprint that outline what teams are over or underperforming as well as the likelihood of finishing on target.

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Scrum of Scrums

This is the feature you didn’t know you needed. SoS becomes short, sweet, and to the point by —

Reminding teams to enter highlights before the meeting

Recording a history of previous sessions

Tagging action points and sending email reminders.

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Timeline View

View the program’s progress at a glance. Our dynamic updates and live editing give you clear visualization that is immediately presentable to management.

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Key elements of Tracking

Tie in elements of your planning as Kendis follows through on previously set dependencies, risks, and objectives.

Dependencies Tracking

Shift from reactive to preventative management with organization, prioritization, and tracking of the dependencies captured in Planning.

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Risk Follow-Up

With Kendis, you won’t lose track of risks identified in Planning. The risk register reduces overhead with intelligent reminders. Identify where attention is needed effortlessly. View risks from different dimensions, including severity, date, and status.

Objectives Progression

Progress happens everyday. Contextualize work done by teams in terms of your objective progression. Allow your goals to speak for themselves by defining objective tracking based on live data, not just business opinion.

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