Single view to track Scope Changes during and after PI Planning

Single view to track Scope Changes during and after PI Planning

Tracking the progress of the Sprint or Program Increment is vital for any enterprise that is adopting an agile framework. Companies utilize digital boards to do this critical task which not only includes planning but monitoring features, estimates, dependencies, statuses, etc. Atlassian’s Jira is a powerful and popular bug tracking tool that offers innovative and creative solutions for this purpose.

But client requirements can change overnight. Luckily with Agile, you can adjust to these changes quickly. But at the same time, you need a record of these changes. And unfortunately if you are using Jira, there is no way to compare what was done before. It only shows you the current state of the feature. How will you know if there are new features or stories added to the sprint or PI after planning? This is where Kendis has an upper hand.

What are Comparison Reports?

Kendis gives the complete view of your entire Program Increment (PI) or sprints on its highly customizable boards. Every board in Kendis has four states (Draft, Planned, Tracked, Closed) which effectively present the progress of the board at each level. These states help in guiding the execution of the Program Increment. The progress of the PI at each state is saved and maintained with the features’ statuses, dependencies, estimates etc, intact.

The ability to view these changes will be done with the new “Comparison Report” feature. These reports generate a comparison between two of your selected board states that present an overall view of the progress of your teams.

Previously, if you had to track any changes made between the states, you would have to manually switch states by going to the board settings. With this feature, we have eliminated the hassle of switching between the states and empowered you with the ability to view those changes in one place, by simply creating a report. This solves a huge business problem for enterprises as they can now easily understand and comprehend what was committed and what has changed.

As the great Neil Armstrong said when landing on the moon, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” Thus a huge help for RTE’s, program managers and executives.
It helps save hours at the program level and at the management level. By using appropriate filters, it retrieves what you need, clearly pinpoints what has changed and how improvements can be made.

Comprehending the Reports

The comparison is shown in a tabulated form with white and grey columns. The columns with white color show your first selected state while the grey column shows your second selected state. If at any point you feel you have lost track of the names of the states, simply hover over the column heading and it will show you a tooltip that has the name of the state.
Select the first and second states by clicking on the drop down in the Current State and
compare it with the state selected from the Previous State dropdown.

The “Comparison Criteria” is vital for comparing selected various elements of the features that are mapped on to the board. Below you will find a list of conditions that you can select to view the change in the reports.

About Kendis

Digital boards to manage dependencies, multiple teams and program increments for scaling agile initiatives. Kendis works on top of JIRA and other agile tools, your teams can keep on working with their existing JIRA boards and program level and above is planned and managed at Kendis.

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