Scrum of Scrums Feature – Quick Guide

Scrum of Scrums Feature – the solution you did not know you needed!


Greetings from the Kendis team! 


Here is a quick guide to our new Scrum of Scrums Feature. It will improve the tracking of impediments, dependencies, and accomplishments of your Agile teams, as well as revolutionize the way you prepare for and record your ceremonies. This will directly translate to an easier workflow, more productive teams, and overall cost efficiency.


Here are the key points: 

Highlights and Key Points

Teams enter highlights and key points before the actual meeting so everyone can understand points that are blocking or impeding other teams. They will also share and acknowledge their achievements, which is a step that is often forgotten.


Virtual Room Link

There is a designated section for the virtual room link, and email reminders will be sent out to participants reminding them to attend the meeting.


Progress Updates

Outstanding risks, and dependencies will be highlighted in progress updates.


Action Points

Action points can be added followed by email notifications informing the Action holder of their responsibilities. You can also access history of actions and impediments from previous sessions.

For more in-depth information, read the Scrum of Scrums feature release notes here.

For any questions, visit our help center. Find out more about Kendis at kendis.io.



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