Tracking your PI Execution Webinar Summary

Although many place a strong focus on PI Planning, the most difficult aspect of a Program Increment is the work required after it has been completed. Tracking the execution of your PI is a practice that many struggle with which often leads to many different types of Scaling methods and creative Excel configurations being adopted for the same dashboard or overview. The best methods of accomplishing this are not always obvious. The outline that Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) provides only touches the surface and is generic enough to fit into all types of organizations.  


Below we will share some new workflows and ways of thinking about tracking. We spoke about this in our webinar “Track your PI Execution with Kendis”, which you can view in its entirety below. In this article we will outline the main ideas from the webinar, including the usual tracking ceremonies, as well as new ceremonies and practices suggested by Kendis.



SAFe execution of PI is outlined in their documentation, as you probably know. 


The middle part of SAFe talks about team sprint ceremonies, which are the Daily Stand-ups, Iteration Reviews, Backlog Refinements, Iteration Retros, and Iteration Plannings. They have brought that to the program level, and added Scrum of Scrums, PO syncs, System Demo, Prepare for PI Planning, Inspect & Adapt, and PI Planning. In Kendis, we specifically have features to facilitate Scrum of Scrums and Inspect & Adapt.


We at Kendis are suggesting you add 3 new ceremonies to this list:


When thinking about the original ceremonies, Kendis has unique features that facilitate Scrum of Scrums (SoS) and prepare analytics with our Inspect and Adapt feature. With the SoS feature, you are able to prepare for, schedule, and keep track of previous information from your SoS sessions. There are automatic updates throughout Kendis and you will receive emails when you are tagged through here. This feature provides a great amount of data for your teams to review and analyze, which will directly translate to understanding productivity and what needs to be done to improve it.


Our Inspect and Adapt feature allows for in-depth, interactive analytics all in one place. 


Learn more at kendis.io


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