How Kendis can help agile teams using Jira to adopt SAFe and conduct PI Planning

How Kendis can help agile teams using Jira to adopt SAFe and conduct PI Planning

When implementing the Scaled Agile Framework, planning and finalizing the contents of a Agile Release Train are done in the Program Increment (PI) Planning Session.

Program Level planning is led by the Release Train Engineer. This planning and execution can appear as a daunting and challenging task. If some of your teams or team members reside at different locations then this creates a remote organizational structure which further adds complexity in coordination.

Commonly faced problems during the planning session are:

  • It becomes rather difficult to align with stakeholders and bring the teams up to speed with each others work.
  • In order to have a successful planning session, companies have to bear large traveling costs to bring all the teams together in one place.
  • Even if all the team members are gathered for planning, real time updates of the PI planning is not visible anywhere except with the use of sticky notes.

To rid the Release Train Engineer of all of these problems, Kendis is the solution. It is the ultimate tool that allows you to scale your agile teams according to your suitable business requirements. Kendis is the one place that will visualize all of the details regarding your program features and track progress for the next PI planning.

Simplicity is vital when it comes to working in Kendis. It strives to facilitate the Release Train Engineer with the necessary tools to dynamically align, manage and track their teams’ progress. It is impeccably designed to provide the utmost user friendly experience.


In Kendis, the Release Train Engineer can have interactive and an informed Program Increment Planning Session amongst agile teams. For a Release Train Engineer, Kendis is a real time Digital Program Board. Each team can be configured as to having their own dedicated team room that describes their relevant feature set and underlying user stories. This view allows remote teams to be at the same page as the on-site team. Handling dependencies would not need any separate sessions. This board manages to remove any communication barriers that a Release Train Engineer may face during Program Increment Planning.

Agile teams using Jira can benefit the most from Kendis at the moment. Agile teams can continue working on their agile tool to plan and coordinate work items. These tools can be seamlessly integrated with Kendis allowing it to fetch real time information from these Agile Tools.

This is where Kendis proves to be flexible and have an upper hand on these Agile Tools as it offers Program Increment Planning to the next level of Digitalization. It lets Release Train Engineer to configure teams and sprints according to their needs.

This empowers these teams to plan their Agile Release Train and even Solution Train for large value streams. While staying in the Jira environment these teams can plan their work and use Kendis to track and receive live updates of each other progress. Using flexible parameters, you can obtain data from Jira and Kendis that will give you a singular view of all the planning and tracking activities.

Below is a list of actions of what you can do with Kendis after integrating with Jira:

  • Configure a Jira account in Kendis to import Jira configurations and data-set.
  • Use Flexible filters to select
    • One or multiple projects.
    • Select Teams, and Sprints(with contents) that you want to synchronize.
  • List of all Program Increment features and their related user stories
  • Create, Modify or Delete a feature or user story in Kendis and real time action in Jira
  • Identifying and draw visible linking of cross-team dependencies
  • Real-time alignment with estimated velocity and Load for each team
  • Create teams and set sprints. At the moment, maximum 15 teams can be created with a maximum number of 8 sprints.
  • Useful board for Pre- and Post-PI planning sessions and align with PI objectives

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