Importance of Analytics Tooling When Scaling Agile

We asked different leaders we met at the SAFe Summit 2022 to talk about the importance of a tool that provides analytics during tracking and execution.

The answers we received express the crucial role good tooling plays, and the different concerns that we are looking to solve as we develop our tool.


View the responses in the video below:



Many people we spoke to brought up the balance between having capable software and being able to quickly teach teams how to use their tool effectively. Tools save time, helping to avoid pulling data manually, however this requires the teams to be able to enter data easily with metrics that everyone can understand. These ideas, along with ideas from frameworks like SAFe, are allowing teams and tools to evolve.


This is where it becomes vital to have a tool that can track your PI progress, examine sprint performance, evaluate spillover, manage unplanned work, and foresee upcoming obstacles. Kendis Analytics does all of this. And with each software release, we are working to provide you with a complete 360 view of your Program Increment.


Thanks to everyone who participated! It is our mission to provide a tool that continues to grow, enabling growth within you and your company as well.


Discover more at kendis.io or at our help center.



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