Agile Conference 2018 at San Diego

Traveling from Europe to San Diego was long, but it was worth it. The timing and place for the Agile Conference 2018 couldn’t have been better. With its scenic beauty, tropical weather and hospitable people our experience at the conference was fantastic.

It was the first time that Kendis made its appearance in the United States of America. We were also one of the proud sponsors of the event and had our own booth.


The response from our fellow agilists left us awestruck and highly motivated. It was a brilliant way to promote, connect and network with great minds from all around the globe. It was a perfect opportunity for engaging in insightful and interesting conversations with people.

Here are some highlights of the Agile Conference:

1. Day 1 & 2 (Monday 6th August and Tuesday 7th August)


People browsed and walked up to the booths that interested them. We were approached by many and had a good flow of discussions.


The icebreaker to initiate conversation was: “Do you use JIRA and do you have multiple teams?” Very often the answer was yes. From there, we walked our customers through the features of Kendis. We described how it can efficiently manage dependencies with multiple teams and carry out Program Increment Planning with remote teams. Besides Kendis, we also engaged in pleasantries.

We were invited to a party hosted by Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). The food and drinks were delectable and we had a great time. We got the opportunity to speak and had thought-provoking conversations with Dean Leffingwell, Jennifer and Brain.

A big shout out to and a huge thank you to the people at SAFe for inviting us to their party.

We also met Patricia Kong, the author of Nexus Framework and with the coaches from Scrum.org

Day 3 & 4 (Wednesday 8h August & Tuesday 9th August)

We had activities on at our booth in which the winner of the game would win the Kinds prize which was 6 months of unlimited and free usage of Kendis. The prize was worth $7500 and the lucky winner was Michael from TrowePrice.


The last day of the conference. People visited our booth for the last time as the event came to a close. There was a wrap party at the beach. There was a live band performing whilst overlooking the beautiful California sunset.



We had the pleasure of meeting the Russian Agile Coach who shared his views on agile scaling in Russia. Good for them, they learned about Kendis and were inspired by how we can simplify scaling.

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