Maximize the true potential of your PI by integrating JIRA with Kendis

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Visibility and Transparency

With it’s highly flexible and customizable boards, map all of your work items from Jira onto the Kendis Program Board for a much clearer and visible view of your PI Planning.

Quick Setup

Within a matter of seconds, you can have your entire Jira portfolio in Kendis. Connect Jira through our specially designed plugin or by providing your username and key for your Jira API account.

Get Features

Use Jira filters or JQL to obtain all your relevant work items into Kendis. The 2 way sync between Kendis and Jira will ensure that all of your data is efficiently and accurately synced across the two tools.

Updates in Real Time

With the Webhook configured, it will ensure that all the changes that you make to the work items in Jira will be updated in runtime in Kendis.

Kendis offers the complete solution for your scaling agile needs

Program Boards

Collaboration, communication and transparency lie at the heart of Kendis. It brilliantly reduces all the painful efforts and makes the entire process of planning your Program Increment a very easy task.

Dependencies Management

Dependencies are essential in recognizing, identifying and correctly mapping factors that are affecting your progress. In Kendis you can create multiple dependencies across your Program board and track them.

Risks Management

With Kendis you can transparently address and visualize the present and upcoming risks of your Program Increment, sprint or iteration in a way that makes it painless to identify and analyze.

PI Objectives

Create objectives for each team or for your Program and link those with any item present your board. This allows you to choose precisely what features and stories are contributing to the objective.

Program Reports and Analytics

An extremely vital and powerful feature that gives an overview of all the recent activities that are being done. Presented in graphical or tabulated formats, you obtain all the necessary information in just a glance.

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