Managing Programs is very easy on Kendis compared to Jira and Confluence

Managing Programs
Jira is great when working at the team level. But when it comes to large programs, program increments, teams, and dependencies management in Jira, you can feel quite restrained. Using Confluence with Jira is a generally applied solution which requires extensive manual work and is highly time consuming. If you’re looking for a solution which doesn’t cost you your capital efficiency, Kendis is the answer. It equips you with the capabilities to smoothly manage your Program Increment on top of Jira without any administrative effort.
Program Management in JIRA
Lack of ability to manage dependencies visually
Lack of ability to manage the cross teams features
No transparent tracking and progress updates, especially for scope changes
Not designed to provide birds overview for your program increment
Lack of ability to manage PI planning in real-time with the remote team members
No automated way to plan and track objectives
Program Management in Kendis
Ability to create multiple dependencies, and assign each with a unique status and link type
Swim lanes for easy management of features assigned to the teams
Analytics and Reports keep track of all the activities in the runtime
Three viewing modes to show the current state of your Program Board at any given moment, in just a glance
Collaboratively plan your PI with remote teams in runtime with brilliant visualization, transparency and live updates
Ability to create objectives which can have a business value and can be linked to the items on your Program Board

This is how you manage your PI effortlessly…

Features that make managing
How to plan PI using Jira

Customizable Program Boards

Using the highly flexible and customizable boards in Kendis, rid yourself of all the complexities. Now you can freely map all of your work items from any of your integrated ALM tool on to the Kendis Program Board to plan your PI’s.

Real-Time 2-way Sync with Jira

Apply the Kendis Plugin or the seamless API integration between Kendis and Jira, to sync your entire work items on to Kendis within a matter of seconds.

Daily and Weekly Scope Change Reports

Display useful data from multiple boards, using the filters of your choice. The Reports feature in Kendis summarizes all the activities done in a session into a tabulated form.

Pre and Post PI Planning

Save the “planning” state of your PI to keep a reference for your progress as you execute your PI. With a single click, you can always go back in time to see what originally happened in the previous state.

Kendis offers the complete solution for your scaling agile needs

Kendis offers
Program Boards

Collaboration, communication and transparency lie at the heart of Kendis. It brilliantly reduces all the painful efforts and makes the entire process of planning your Program Increment an unbelievably easy task.

Dependencies Management
Dependencies Management

Dependencies are essential in recognizing, identifying and correctly mapping factors that are affecting your progress. In Kendis you can create multiple dependencies across your Program board and track them.

Risks Management
Risks Management

With Kendis you can transparently address and visualize the present and upcoming risks of your Program Increment, sprint or iteration in a way that makes it painless to identify and analyze.

PI Objectives
PI Objectives

Create objectives for each team or for your Program and link those with any item present your board. Kendis allows you to choose precisely what features and stories are contributing to the objective.

Program Reports and Analytics
Program Reports and Analytics

An extremely vital and powerful feature that gives an overview of all the recent activities that are being done. Presented in graphical or tabulated formats, you obtain all the necessary information in just a glance.

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