Kendis On-Premise

Experience more control, scalability and security

Want to use a robust On-Site Scaling Agile Solution for your Organization. Don’t look any further

Our self hosted solution is more tailor made to fit your organizational requirements. Experience more control, scalability and ease with unlimited customizability.

Multiple Deployment Options

We offer multiple on-site deployment options to different platforms to fit your needs.

Get the flexibility you need

Kendis for On-premise gives you greater control over your data and security to match with your unique business needs. We give flexible upgrade policies that you give you multiple options for managing your technology stack.

Be compliant on Every Level

Easily meet government mandates, industry expectations or internal security policies.

Freedom to Customize

Create a platform according to your requirements and the one that you truly need for your business.

Fit for You

Perfect balance of product options with affordable pricing. Check our Pricing

The Platform for You

Every organization is unique. They may have specific security and regulatory policies to follow. We at Kendis understand that. For that, we offer self hosted Solutions.