Kendis Cloud

Kendis Cloud offers a quick and a hassle free setup, with rapid updates and a brilliant uptime.

Kendis hosts cloud data on AWS

Kendis cloud hosting meets the very high standards of performance and reliability to match with our customers’ high demands. Kendis hosts cloud data on AWS.

Why choose Kendis Cloud?

Swift Deployment

Set up your entire organization within minutes. See How it Works.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

No need for manual updates as your Kendis Cloud will be updated regular ensuring that you always have the latest version.

Easily Manageable Costs

Kendis Cloud is not only light on the pocket but also rids you of the hassle for managing the infrastructure. Check our Pricing

Quick Updates

Kendis Cloud is prompt to rolling out updates. Keeping in mind the ever changing needs of our customers, we make sure that in every quarterly release, our services are up to the mark and to tackle with existing problems.


99.9% Uptime

With its brilliant uptime, Kendis Cloud ensures access to all of its customers all the time every time. Its performance is monitored closely so that it always run on its peak performance.


Safety Guaranteed

You can count on us for maintaining and upholding the integrity of your data on Kendis Cloud as we take the confidentiality of our customer’s data very seriously.


We are always striving to create stellar customer experiences in the cloud