How it works

Kendis is a swift and simple PI Planning Solution. It integrates with your existing ALM tool in a way that eliminates all manual or administrative effort to allow you to plan your Program Increment.
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Connect your Agile Tool

Kendis makes it trouble-free for you to plan and track your PI on top of your existing Agile tool. It offers a 2-way real time sync with Jira and TFS that connects in a matter of seconds.



Setup your Program Board

Kendis offers very flexible boards for planning your PI. You can set the number of sprints and define all your teams that can be distinguished with different color badges. Furthermore, your teams’ swimlanes can be connected with Sprints in your ALM tool.



Prepare features for your PI

Once Kendis is integrated with your Agile Tool, you can get all of your features ready for your PI on to the program board in Kendis. You can use filters for both Jira and TFS or you can use JQL for getting features from Jira or Queries for TFS.


Visualize cross-team dependencies

During and after the PI Planning, everyone can easily view which dependencies needs to be resolved immediately and how it impacts the features completion. Get the list of dependencies by teams and by sprints.


Have successful PI Planning

With all the features ordered and prioritized and the teams’ swim-lanes connected with the right sprints of your ALM tool, it is time to execute PI Planning. The teams can now create stories for the features, plan sprints, identify and create dependencies.


Review the plan with a single click

You can’t get better review options than the Kendis “Birdseye view” modes. With 3 levels of overview for your planning, you can review each team’s work sprint by sprint, or see when the features will be delivered in your PI.



Lock your Board’s state

Kendis has a time machine. It really does! Once you are done with your planning, simply change the state of your board to “Tracking”. Now you have created a snapshot of your planning activities and while in execution you can easily compare what has changed during execution. With a single click, you can always go back in time to see what was originally planned.



Track your PI

Kendis provides useful analytics during execution that provide valuable insights into which teams are executing according to their original plan. It also shows which features have missed the delivery window and which dependencies are still unresolved.


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