About Us

About Us
The Community of Change Agents looks to bring together like-minded people who are creating direct change within their organizations.

Our Mission

Our Mission
We are looking to broaden the definition of a change agent and create a common space for ideas and connections to develop. The intention is to provide learning opportunities, networking, and career development through this community.

We are looking for change makers. This is not dependent on your job title or the size of your organization. It is also not required to be affiliated with Kendis or SAFe.

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About change agent
What is a Change Agent?
Being a change agent is not just about transitioning into SAFe, it is about leading change on many levels. This could involve (but is not limited to) SAFe, Agile, or even improvements to processes within organizations. Change agents lead change to processes ensuring that value is both delivered and able to be predicted.

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How are we Redefining change agent?
our members

“They see and feel the need of the client and can anticipate the needs of the client and use frameworks like SAFe as an inspiration to solve the issues of the client.

That was a really important key of success because our business owners at the moment they stepped into the change, they started with the change. They really were convinced that it would help them and they also had trust within the people.”

Ann Willaert, Transformation Agent at KBC

“People who are open for change for a start, and people who can implement process across an organization.

The change agents, including me, we were highly engaged and the students of innovation and what we can gain from it.”

Ofira Daniel, Software PMO and ALM PO in Applied Materials

“A Change Agent is a person that acts as a kind of an evangelist.

The people that are usually driving change or being these change agents are people that they like to always keep improving. So they never accept the status quo or for them being static or just performing, delivering is not enough.”

Juliano Tripodi, Agile Delivery Lead in Electrolux

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Being a Change Agent?
Listen to some of our members discuss the important traits of change agents, how to become one, and what it means to them to be a change agent.


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