Community of Change Agents

Community of Change Agents
We believe that leading change is less about persuasion and more about removing barriers, streamlining processes and creating the right environment.

The Community of Change Agents will strengthen your knowledge of orchestrating change, connect you with other industry leaders, and explore how top organizations are leading transformations.

What is a change agent?
They see and feel the need of the client and can anticipate the needs of the client and use frameworks like SAFe as an inspiration to solve the issues of the client”- Ann Willaert, Transformation Agent at KBC

People who are open for change for a start, and people who can implement process across an organization” – Ofira Daniel, Software PMO and ALM PO in Applied Materials

A Change Agent is a person that acts as a kind of an evangelist” – Juliano Tripodi, Agile Delivery Lead in Electrolux

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Being a change agent is not just about transitioning into SAFe, it is about leading change on many levels. This could involve (but is not limited to) SAFe, Agile, or even improvements to processes within organizations. Change agents lead change to processes ensuring that value is both delivered and able to be predicted.

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