Why do you need a Nexus Integration Team?

Nexus Integration Team is responsible for keeping multiple teams technically and successfully integrated. The Nexus Integration Team plays a healthy role to ensure that the teams stay harmonized with each other. It gives the necessary support and facilitation to the teams in order to keep them in line.

Members of the Team

The Nexus Integration Team mainly consists of the Product Owner, Scrum Master and Nexus Integration Team Members who can be coaches and trainers or members from the development team. They ensure smooth integration and following the cadence of the work done by the scrum teams. The Nexus Team consists of people who are skilled in the use of tools and technologies to make scaled software development possible.

Members of the Nexus Integration Team may also work on the Scrum Teams in the Nexus. However, where they do priority must be given to their work as part of the Nexus Integration Team. This is to ensure that the work to resolve issues that affect many teams takes priority.

Why do you need a Nexus Integration Team?

They make sure if the processes are followed and truly work as servant leaders to ensure that the teams flourish. The teams confirm relentless improvement with activities like the refinement of the product backlog, sprint review and retrospective. It emphasizes on adapting to any changing requirements using cross-functional teams and eliminates any waste with Lean-Thinking.

Scrum teams are responsible for integrating their work with each other to produce an integrated increment regularly. If any integration issues arise, one or two team members of each scrum team meet with the integration team to find a solution.

Nexus Integration Team does not act as a separate scrum team or a management group. If the situation of the scrum teams gets out of hand and if there is a need, then it can become a scrum team to bring matters into order. Their main purpose is to remain servant leaders and coaches for their scrum teams.

The Nexus Integration Team will take ownership of integration issues. However, they may not necessarily do the work required to resolve these when they occur. They may work with 1 or more Scrum Teams to help them resolve issues around integration. At other times they may deliver tools and technology to help make integration run more painlessly.

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