Agile Planning for the NEXT Quarter?


With many of us planning for the next quarter, frantically racing, trying to ensure the first batch of over committed development work for the first quarter has been completed.

Whether it’s Business or IT, preparing excuses and reasons for the work that is likely to spill over, or missed dependencies.

Busy refining another list for the second quarter. Sitting in countless meetings just collecting To Do Lists, trying to refine and prepare Epics, Features, so they are in a tangible state to offload to an exhausted workforce. ……just remember….

…..Kendis is there to support you with a complete overview for the next Quarter. Let’s get this one right!


About Kendis

Digital boards to manage dependencies, multiple teams and program increments for scaling agile initiatives.

Kendis works on top of JIRA and other agile tools, your teams can keep on working with their existing JIRA boards and program level and above is planned and managed at Kendis.

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